Why we need your help;

Pastor Shedman and Queen Elizabeth Mabande live in  Motoko which is about 100 miles from Harare, Zimbabwe. This husband and wife team are founder pastors of Motoko Baptist Church having planted the church in 1996 and they currently have a membership of around 70 – 85 many of whom are rural farmers. Pastor Shedman says,”Many of them have been unable to supply food for their families because of droughts in recent years and it is difficult for them to give an offering to the church. “We started to put up a church building in 2015; we have a shell but no interior and no roof as we are struggling to find any finance to finish it – so we meet to worship God underneath a tree! “My wife and I serve as Pastors with no salary so some church members help our family (we have four children) with maize and we sell some fruits, sweets and tomatoes at the roadside.” Pastor Shedman travels by bike to speak at churches, some as far as 50 miles from his home.  His heart is to grow a strong church and to reach out to the unsaved. Mark Lloydbottom, the founder of Your Money Counts, spent a week with Pastor Shedman in 2018.  Since then they have kept in regular contact – at no time has Pastor Shedman EVER asked for financial support.  Mark tells it like this, “I spent a week with 20 Zimbabwean Pastors and Shedman stood out for his fervour and commitment to Christ.  I asked him one day, “What does a good offering look like?”  His answer, $10.”  We all live in rich countries – please support this work and the church building in Zimbabwe so that Pastor Shedman has a firm foundation for fulfilling the Great Commission. Please will you Help Us? “We need a further £12,000 to complete the church building and provide some modest transport.” We are fully committed to Pastor Shedman.  He has provided us with the following phased timetable.  As we raise the money we will forward it to him for each phase and he will provide photographs of his progress at the end of each stage. Phase 1 Bricks and transport £2284 Phase 2 Cement and window frames £1793 Phase 3 Roof, iron angles, supporters, bolts, hooks and rods  £3437 Phase 4 Roofing sheets £2403 Phase 5 Roof ridges £590 Specialist labour £1493 Total £12,000